Hydrogen purity : 99.999%
Oxygen purity : 99.9%
Hydrogen floW : 310±10ml/min
Oxygen flow : 150±10ml/min
H2 Output pressure : 0.2MPa
Input Pure Water :   Deionized water (>2M) or distilled water
Pressure stability : <0.001Mpa
Power : 100/220V±10% 50Hz--60Hz
Power consumption : <155W
Dimension : 260mm×260mm×280mm
Weight : 5.9kg(Main body)
Temperature : 2℃– 40℃
Our hydrogen/oxygen generator adopts the world most advanced hydrogen technology using solid polymer electrolyte (SPE) and uses titanium electrodes with pure water as electrolyte. Oxygen content is below 0.1ppm. Hydrogen is produced from cathode and Oxygen is from anode. When powered on the machine uses electrolysis to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen. The cell will separate hydrogen and oxygen at the two electrodes. Pure hydrogen gas goes into the gas/water separator that removes most of the water vapor from the hydrogen gas. Oxygen is collected in water tank. Hydrogen will go through the dryer tube in order to get higher purity hydrogen gas. SPE hydrogen/oxygen generator adopts a automatic tracking control system with high sensitivity. Flow and pressure are both quite stable. Pressure stability is below 0.001Mpa making sure to produce high purity gases under stable pressure and safe conditions.

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