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Hydrogen purity : 99.999%
Hydrogen flow : 150ml/min
Hydrogen flow : 50ml/min
Weight   : 1KG
Water tank capacity : 250ML
Rated Voltage   : 220v/50Hz
Rated power : 80W
Size   : 120*120*170mm

Benefit of hydrogen for human body
1.Hydrogen unique antioxidant,can be effective in additional to the body of malignant free radicals,repair damaged islets cells,prevention if complication of diabetes.
2.Hydrogen treatment of rheumatoid arthritis,the goal is to control systemic inflammation,improve immunity,so as to alleviate the disease,improve health status.
3.Hydrogen can inhibit the proliferation of tumor by scavenging reactive oxygen species and improve the quality of life during radiotherapy for cancer patients without affecting the radiotherapeutic effect of tumor.
4.Hydrogen has anti-radiation and UV anti-wrinkle effect,can promote fibroblast collagen synthesis,scavenging free radicals,inhibition of keratinocyte death.
5.Hydrogen can selectively remove malignant free radical,inhibition of inflammatory response and other effects in the treatment of cardiovascular disease has played a positive role in the treatment.